This week on "Talk Real Estate with Sharon McNamara" on 95.9 fm WATD, my co-host, Stephen Cook of Imperial Inspection Services, and I will be discussing the ever mounting issues associated with ice dams and piles of snow! Steve will inform you how to properly remove ice dams that you currently have so you don't cause more damage to your roof and structure.  Also, how did you get the ice dams in the first place and how can you prevent them from coming back again? What happens when they start to melt INSIDE your home and what do you have to be cautious about come Spring. . . Mold behind your walls perhaps.  
Tune In LIVE every Saturday Morning on 95.9 fam WATD or stream in online at  and be sure to call in with your questions at 781-837-4900.  
If you have questions before the show, please feel free reach me directly at 781-294-4848 cell/text

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